Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 3, VOLUME 7 - Page 21

Write Until It Burns (Cont’d) the last drop of brandy from my glass. I contemplated getting a bit more. No! That would mean stopping. I decided to push ahead without it. Tap. Tap. Tap. More words poured from my mind onto the digital page. I pushed myself to write as fast as I could. It was one of my most productive sessions. But I wanted more. Then...three AM! Bam! I hit my goal! I stood from the chair and stretched. I was proud of the night. I walked over to at the fire pit. I watched the flames dance across the rocks. I scanned the yard for Lacie. Quietly, I called out for her. At first, I couldn’t find her. Then, something made me turn, She was behind me, standing at the patio door. There was something hanging from her mouth. As I drew closer, I saw what it was. A small rodent she’d brought back as a souvenir. Yuck! “Oh no! You’re not bringing that into the house!” I made her drop it, then opened the door to let her inside. I quickly disposed of the poor little being as Lacie stared sadly at me through the glass. I entered and went immediately to the guest bathroom to wash my hands. Thoroughly! It was then I began to notice stinging feeling on my calf. After I dried my hands, I [^H[]\]’H[[[^\[ZHH][YHYH[]HˈHY Hܝ[ۈق^H[\ۙ\\KX]H^Hو]X\\ˈ]YY[XYٙ]x)’HYX]][]H\[Y [][YHYKHX] \X]x&]HY[H[ ]\IH[ܛY[H۝\][ۈ܈[Y ^HۙYH[]ZX[H[H\[ۋ]Y[\]و^B۝ ][\H\]ۈ]ۋ]ݙH^Hܘ^KY][Y\x&Y]Yܛ\H]H[[BXKHY[[[[HX\H\[HX[] X]\›]XHYY H[]\XZYHو] '\Kx'Hx&Y^KH[ ]][\\H]Z[]\]\H\\Yۈ^Hܚ][^H\H[XYYZ[HY[[YKBY&]XH]\\[[ˈܘ^HBHۙ\]H]\K]H]H]X] ]][\XYHB\[Y]\܋ܚ]H[[]\B\[ܚ]HHZH[[HX]\ˈ]8&\[X]Hܙˈ] [X]HܞKZ[]]Z[Y•UT8&HPшHQBQH L‘S M‹'