Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 3, VOLUME 7 - Page 10

Morgan’s Corner ( Cont’d ) fellow Las Vegas writer and retired police officer Keith Bettinger. Keith had much more severe PTSD from an officer-involved shoot- ing incident. He is very knowledgeable about PTSD and has also counseled. I needed to know if he was experiencing the same recurrence triggered by this horrendous event. His answer was YES. As a member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Keith and fellow officers have been volunteering to take care of the needs of first responders, police, fire and inspectors. Cheryl & Rob at Book signing Keith has been documenting every day of the aftermath. I asked him if he would be good enough to write our LIFE STORY feature for this issue, and he got back to me immediately. TRAGEDY IN LAS VEGAS is a first-hand account about the aftermath. The dedication of groups of people in Las Vegas to see this through. Although our hearts are heavy, we refuse to be defined by what happened on October 1. The extensive training our police and fire department receives for dealing with horrific events was responsible for saving many lives. They were as prepared as you can be for something this awful. Citizens flocked to the blood donation centers. Volunteers came by the thousands to help. #VegasStrong. SOME GOOD NEWS I am happy to announce that Cheryl and Rob Cuccio appeared on Chris Hansen’s Crime Watch and on Dr. Oz this month. The response was great. My new books NO MORE CRYING ANGELS and PAYBACK were released this month. Life goes on. Keep writing! Morgan and Dylan the Dog A SSOCIATE E DITOR D YLAN THE D OG , A SSOCIATE E DITOR F ALL 2017 P AGE 2 W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE TRADE