Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 1, VOLUME 9 - Page 9

learned from him. I wrote a series of news- paper articles about barter. L IFE E XPERIENCES I NSPIRED B OOKS Years later my knowledge of how bar- ter works was very helpful in writing the book Bumping Off Fat Vinny, co-authored with true crime author Dennis N. Griffin. By the year 2000 I had joined the marketing firm contracted to the Federal government to market furniture manufactured in Fed- eral prisons. During that time I visited manufacturing facilities in Federal prisons in California and Florida. After I left that firm, it was revealed that some of their practices were quite shady. In fact they were sued by the gov- ernment. One of my former fellow market- ing reps thought we could write a good book inspired by what we knew about how that whole scenario worked. We came up with the plot for the book Ripoff and that was the beginning of the characters in the Revenge is Fun series. A blurb by a retired undercover FBI officer and New York Times best-selling author said it was a good thing we weren’t crooks, because our plot could have worked. After 20 years in the interior design and design-related sales fields, I never thought that someday I’d be writing fiction full time. I think you’re beginning to see why the answer to how I became a writer was fairly complex. In 1996 my mom suffered mini- strokes and developed dementia. I wrote an article called “It’s Just Old Age...or is it?”for W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE Inside, a Philadelphia magazine. After that, they contacted me to write more articles for them that were actually interior design related. And finally we come to fiction and true crime. My sister, Phyllice Bradner, a pub- lished journalist, and I discovered we both loved funny mysteries. And, so the Silver Sisters Mysteries was born with the main characters’ personalities loosely based on those of Phyllice and me. The rest is history. I’ve written 16 books with more in progress and have been writing full time since 2004. This includes the Silver Sisters Mysteries, the Revenge is Fun series, two true crime memoirs—Bella Capo’s No More Crying Angels, and Cheryl and Rob Cuccio’s Incest, Murder and a Mira- cle. as well as stand-along books. Believe in yourself, keep a positive atti- tude, and KEEP WRITING. Morgan Editor and Dylan the Dog A SSOCIATE E DITOR P AGE 4 S PRING 2019