Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 1, VOLUME 9 - Page 37

A Summary of Publishing Trends for 2019 We are constantly looking for information on other publications and websites that will prove valuable to writers. Even if you are a multipublished writer, there is always something more to learn. So, here’s the quick summary of predicted publishing industry trends for 2019, a year they feel is sure to be another exciting year, found on writtenwordmedia.com:. T HE N UMBER OF I NDIE A UTHORS M AKING A L IVING S OLELY F ROM W RITING G ROWS As the market grows, more independent authors than ever will quit their day jobs and make all of their income from writing. T HE W IDE V ERSUS E XCLUSIVE D EBATE I N- TENSIFIES A MAZON M ARKETING S ERVICE (AMS) A DS G O M AINSTREAM Ads will follow in Facebook’s steps and be- come an essential tool for independent authors. B OOK Q UALITY B ECOMES C RITICAL TO S UCCESS Book quality will be a key factor in suc- cess as readers have more options to choose from, so authors will invest more heavily in editing and cover design. W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE The everlasting wide versus exclusive distri- bution debate will intensify even more as platforms battle for authors. A UDIO C ONTINUES TO BE A B RIGHT S POT FOR T RADITIONAL P UBLISHERS Traditional publishers will see impres- sive gains in audiobook sales and will con- tinue to invest in audio infrastructure. I NDIE A UTHORS F IND S UCCESS W ITH A UDIO As traditional publishers pave the way and make audio more accessible to readers, some independent authors will start to see success with audiobooks. P AGE 32 S PRING 2019