Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 1, VOLUME 9 - Page 31

REVIEWS BY MARTHA - M ARTHA C HEVES R ESIDENT R EVIEWER Author: Angie Fox Pages: 264 pages Publication Date: March 17, 2016 Publisher: Angie Fox Language: English ASIN: B019M0M40W, ISBN: 978-1939661357 Martha Cheves always manages to find books that may have been out for a while, some by self-published authors, but always an honest review. Perhaps you will find a gem you wouldn’t have found without Martha. A good book is a good book and the fact that time passed does not affect its appeal F rankie had the power to show me the supernatural world. With his help, I'd been able to see and in- teract with some of the ghosts here in town. We'd saved my house; we'd solved a murder. Two of them, actually. We'd made some positive changes in Sugar- land, not that he cared about helping an- yone but himself. And I had been trying to free him. It was just that nothing had worked yet. So who is this Frankie that has the power to take Verity Long into the supernatural? Why is she trying to free him and from what? These are just some of the fun ques- tions that you can find the answers to by reading the Southern Ghost Hunter Myster- ies Series. I will tell you that Frankie lives in a trash can and Verity lives in a house she inherited from her grandmother. But the fun part was learning how Frankie end- W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE ed up in the trash can and why Verity is liv- ing in a house with no furnishings. From the very first two books in this se- ries - Southern Spirits and The Skeleton in the Closet, I found myself caught up in the suspense of a murder with a touch of hu- mor. I've laughed at the very odd pet that lives with Verity and how Frankie tends to get her into trouble in a world that most would never dream of visiting. I feel for her as she struggles to make ends meet after her almost mother-in-law took everything away from her. I feel joy for her as her feel- ings for Ellis grow. And I hold my breath as she risks her own life to bring justice to those who need it. This is a series that I hope will never end and I'm really looking forward to reading Book 4 in the series - Deader Homes & Gardens. P AGE 26 S PRING 2019