Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 1, VOLUME 9 - Page 26

supplement for readers. We produced about ten a year.” WTT: What did you do after leaving the newspaper business? HM: All of my experience in multiple de- partments helped in later years. I became a freelancer, writing mainly for business pub- lications, including those in which I was West Coast editor or California editor. WTT: As I understand it, we are not done yet. You even had a radio show. HM: Well, along with this, I spent four years producing a live weekly radio show on a top Los Angeles station. I interviewed al- most every major name in the entertain- ment business of that era, from Gregory Peck to 20th Century Fox producers. WTT: With everything you’ve told me, how many articles do you think you wrote as a freelancer: HM: I can say with confidence that over the years, I wrote more than 1,000 articles for various publications ranging from Reader’s Digest to USA Today where I was a frequent contributor. WTT: One more thing. I see you have a cute little dog in your bio photo. What can you tell me about him or her? HM: Sparky is a rescue dog. He is a very smart, curious Rat Terrier who under- stands almost everything I tell him. He has such an appetite, I kid around that he has no bottom. Maybe that’s because he’s in perpetual motion. I’m told he was found wandering the streets. WTT: Thank you so much. It is a pleasure to chat with someone with as impressive a background as yours. Do you have any ad- vice for young people who aspire to becom- ing columnists or reporters? HM: With many news outlets reducing staffs, it’s very important to get an edge over others with at least a bachelor’s de- gree, majoring in journalism, rather than the trend to political science. And if you have a specialty, stress that. Layoffs are far less in broadcasting. So see what is availa- ble in radio and TV newsrooms. Remem- ber, too, that an open position in broadcast- ing may take you to a distant city. WTT: Do you still have your hand in writ- ing? HM: I do. Now, my focus is on the web where I write GrumpyEditor.com S PRING 2019 P AGE 21 W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE