Writers Tricks of the Trade ISSUE 1, VOLUME 9 - Page 16

Keith Bettinger is a retired Suffolk County (N.Y.) Police Officer. He’s been writing for law enforcement publica- tions for more than 25 years and has received 18 awards for his articles, stories, poems, and books. He has a Master’s Degree in Human Relations with a major in Clinical Counseling. During his career he received the de- partment’s Bravery Medal, Silver Shield Award, Meritorious Police Service Award, Special Service Award, Profes- sionalization Award, Department Recognition Award, five Headquarters commendations and six Precinct com- mendations. He also was a field training officer and an instructor on Post Shooting Trauma and Critical Incidents. NOTE: Initially (officially proclaimed by General John Logan in 1868 ) Memorial Day was a holiday in memory of the soldiers who died in the Civil War. The feast was supposed to be a step towards national reconciliation. The original name (Decoration Day) comes from placing flowers on the graves of the soldiers. Memorial Day was celebrated differently in different states. Until 1890 it was celebrated in all the states of the North. After World War I the nature of the holiday changed to honor the memory of all Americans who died in any war - not only Civil. M EMORIAL D AY D ATE From 1868 to 1970 the holiday was held on May 30. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act moved its date to last Monday of May to increase the number of three-day weekends for federal employees. M EMORIAL D AY DATES IN THE FOLLOWING YEARS : S PRING 2019 P AGE 11 W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE