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6 | MAY 2017
The ancient city of Cartagena in the province of Murcia , south-east Spain , is a gem not to be missed . If you are cruising , taking a bus trip , or driving , seize the moment and devour this beautiful , old city , once known as Carthago Nova . Founded by Hasdrubal , a Carthaginian leader , and inhabited since 227 BC , its history and culture offer the sightseer a kaleidoscope of places to visit . An important naval port since the 16 th century , it continues to evolve and retain a position of importance today .
Take coffee at the stylish bars on the quayside or cross the road to the Calle Mayor , strewn with cafe-bars . Here you will find eating places to suit every taste from menu of the day and a la carte to speciality bistros and yogurterias . Browse boutiques and stores at your leisure . Clothing , shoes , jewellery , all are available in bright and friendly shops . If you want a memento of your visit , colourful side streets beckon . Heed the call — you will not be disappointed .
Are you an engineer , war buff , or maritime enthusiast ? Then look no further than the Naval Museum . Housed at the harbour , in a lovely old building , artefacts portray over 150 years of seafaring . Models of ships and diving equipment rub shoulders with treasure found in the wrecks of Spanish galleons . The exhibits are well laid out and clearly relate nautical history . Portraits of all the Admirals look down as visitors take a trip into their past .
In a separate building , and not to be forgotten , is the first ever submarine , designed and built in Spain . Isaac Peral envisaged such a vessel in 1884 . The Peral submarine was launched four years later in 1888 .
Whilst at the port why not take the tourist boat to Fort Christmas ? En route , the lively commentary explains how the Carthaginian people protected their seaport and city during the 1850s . The bastions in the rock face are clearly visible . The fort has been restored and turned into a museum . It is well worth a visit and the views from the boat are amazing . Budding photographers will be in their element .
Cartagena is home to numerous Roman ruins , dating from a time when the city boomed under their rule . In 1988 the remnants of a 1 st century amphitheatre
WRITERS ABROAD MAGAZINE: THE THIRD SPACE CARTAGENA BY CHRIS NEDAHL The ancient city of Cartagena in the province of Murcia, south-east Spain, is a gem not to be missed. If you are cruising, taking a bus trip, or driving, seize the moment and devour this beautiful, old city, once known as Carthago Nova. Founded by Hasdrubal, a Carthaginian leader, and in &FVB66R##r$2G07F'B7VGW&RffW"FR6vG6VW"VF66Rb6W2Ff6Bখ'FBf'B66RFRbF6VGW'B6FVW2FWffRB&WF6Fb'F6RFFFR6ffVRBFR7GƗ6&'2FRV6FR"7&72FR&BFFR6P"7G&WvvF6fR&'2W&RRvfBVFr6W2F7VBWfW'F7FPg&VRbFRFB6'FRF7V6ƗG&7G&2BwW'FW&2'&w6R&WFVW2B7F&W2BW"V7W&R6Fr6W2WvVW'&Pf&R'&vBBg&VFǒ62bRvBVVFbW"f6B6W&gV6FR7G&VWG2&V6VVBFR6( GRvB&RF6FVB&RRVvVW"v"'Vfb"&FRVFW67CFVgW'FW FFRfW6WVW6VBBFR&&W"fVǒB'VFr'FVf7G2'G&fW"SV'2b6Vf&rFV2b62BFfpWVVB'V"6VFW'2vFG&V7W&RfVBFRw&V62b76vV2FRW&G2&RvVBWBB6V&ǒ&VFRWF67F''G&G2bFRF֗&2Fv2f6F'2FRG&FFV 7Bख6W&FR'VFrBBF&Rf&vGFV2FRf'7BWfW 7V&&RFW6vVBB'VB762W&Vf6vVB7V6fW76VBFRW&7V&&Pv2V6VBfW"V'2FW"v7BBFR'BvBFRFPFW&7B&BFf'B6&7F3V&WFRFRƗfVǒ6VF'W2rFR6'FvVR&FV7FVBFV"6V'B@6GGW&rFRS2FR&7F0FR&6f6R&R6V&ǒf6&RFRf'B2&VV&W7F&VB@GW&VBFW6WVB2vVv'Ff6BBFRfWw2g&FR&B&Rr'VFFrFw&W'0v&RFV"VVVB6'FvV2RFVW&W2&'V2FFrg&FRvVFR6G&VBVFW"FV"'VRFR&VG2b7B6VGW'FVG&Pb#p