Writers Abroad Magazine 6 May 2017 - Page 47

WRITERS ABROAD MAGAZINE: THE THIRD SPACE WA Members Many thanks to all the WA members around the world for their support in producing the WA magazine: Dianne Ascroft, Northern Ireland Laura Besley, Hong Kong Susan Borgersen, S.B. Borgersen Nova Scotia Jill Brown, France Nicola Cleasby (Nina Croft), Spain Vanessa Couchman France Alyson Hilbourne, Japan Jo Lamb (Louise Charles), Italy Chris Nedahl, Spain Crilly O’Neil, Australia Sally Robinson, The Netherlands Maggie Shelton, Arizona Bieke Stengos, Canada Lesley Truchet, France Nigel Wild – France, our newest member! Angela Williams (Susan Carey), The Netherlands WA MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: LAURA BESLEY Laura Besley started writing when she moved to Germany ten years ago. Initially she wrote embellished non-fiction about her travels throughout Europe and when she moved to Hong Kong eight years ago, she began writing fiction. In May 2012 she started a flash fiction challenge: to write one story a day for a year. This helped her writing in many ways, most of all in learning how to finish a piece. Every Friday ‘the best of the week’ was published on her blog: Living, Loving and Writing. Since then she has been in love with the short form and still writes predominantly short fiction, with the odd attempt at a novel thrown in from time to time. Laura lives in Hong Kong with her husband and three-year-old son and fits her writing into the bookends of the day. 46 | MAY 2017