Writers Abroad Magazine 6 May 2017 - Page 38

WRITERS ABROAD MAGAZINE: THE THIRD SPACE RECIPES Simple Fishcakes for Dogs A recipe from SUE BORGERSEN As promised in the last edition: Really Simple Fishcakes for Dogs (also good for sharing with their humans) Ingredients: • • • • • About 1/2 lb of fish—we used halibut or cod cheeks because they have no bones. (you could substitute 2 cans of sardines in water or olive oil) 2 sweet potatoes medium size 1 egg to bind Finely chopped veggies of your choice, including parsley. The illustration shows zucchini (courgettes), carrots and parsley. We use a food processor to give us a fine chop—a rough chop is harder for the hounds to digest. Method: Steam fish and flake apart. You don’t need to do this for your sardines Gently ѡݕЁхѽ́չѥѕȸQ͠) ɕ́ɴѼѥ̸)eԁ͕ٔѡ͔Ё́ѡ䁅ɗQȁѽЁѡɥ䀡ȁȁѡ)յ̤єȁɥ܁ѼɔɥѡѼȁ)ɥ)MٔݥѠɅ܁䁍̸ٕ) ́ɕ́ѡЁݽɬٕѥ)]Ʌɕ䁹Ѽٔȁ́́Ёݡݔݗeٔչѡ́)ፕЁ݅䁽٥ѡݥѡЁ՝)Mѕ́չѥѡɽ՝Ёѥѕȸ-ѡɥ)]ѡ䁵əЁ̸(܁5d