Writers Abroad Magazine 6 May 2017 - Page 3

WRITERS ABROAD MAGAZINE: THE THIRD SPACE In this Issue: Something for everyone we hope… Regular Features: How To … Self Publish by Nicola Cleasby From Here… featuring Jill Brown To There… featuring Maggie Shelton Author Interview with Peter May by Lesley Truchet Book Reviews: Angela Williams, Laura Besley and Alyson Hilbourne Recipes from Sue Borgersen, Maggie Shelton and Lesley Truchet WA Spotlight featuring Laura Besley *NEW THIS ISSUE – LITERARY QUIZ WITH PRIZE Fiction: Articles: Cartagena by Chris Nedahl Not Enough Hours in the Day by Laura Besley Finding China by Maggie Shelton Anne Frank by Angela Williams Treat Yourself to a Retreat by Alyson Hilbourne Pushing Her Buttons by Crilly O’Neil Jude’s Obscure Diary by Sue Borgersen Night Train to Drancy by Jill Brown Voice from the Past by Vanessa Couchman A Shaggy Cow Story by Lesley Truchet Poetry: Summer Holiday by Bieke Stengos Barbed Boundary by Dianne Ascroft The Brink by Chris Nedahl Third Space Inhabitant by Sue Borgersen Old? Not Me by Chris Nedahl Gathering Stones by Bieke Stengos 2 | MAY 2017