Writers Abroad Magazine 6 May 2017 - Page 26

WRITERS ABROAD MAGAZINE: THE THIRD SPACE THIRD SPACE INHABITANT (A Sense of Place and Home) a prose poem BY SUE BORGERSEN A tongue, if it could, would speak in any language. For a fractioned being; parts in different cultures, the past is another country. Unearthed, deep, distant. The present is here, spoons banging on coffee cups. The heart knows how to respond. A body finds love. Love for a place and those who inhabit. No tongues or language needed. The whole has segments. Composed of fragments. They are the slivers of memories darting, dashing, seeking out, clashing and colliding from place to place. Shifting. Settling, accepting nurture. Shining through this space like the translucent damselfly. For now. Image sourced from Flickr 25 | MAY 2017