Writers Abroad Magazine 6 May 2017 - Page 21

WRITERS ABROAD MAGAZINE: THE THIRD SPACE Meanwhile, the Captain reads out a list of names, as he does most nights. ‘Warsteiner, Schmidt, Schindler.’ Three men shuffle forward. Fear fills the eyes of all the remaining Jews. Deportation to Drancy is dreaded – a venture into the unknown. No word comes back, but rumours of evil abound. ‘Cruz.’ No-one moves. The Captain’s voice rises. ‘Cruz Joaquim!’ ‘There must be some mistake,’ Joaquim cries out. ‘I am not a Jew.’ The Captain cannot conceal his look of victory. ‘Joaquim is a Hebrew name.’ ‘But it’s also Spanish,’ he begins, ‘and…’ He breaks off as out of the corner of his eye he catches sight of Angelica at the front of the straggling crowd, hobbling exhausted into the Camp. She stretches her neck and peers around. A flame leaps in his chest as their eyes meet. The world stops. They are back in Valencia in a tight embrace. His heart is set to explode. His elation is short, as reality overwhelms him. This filthy, godforsaken place is no place for her. He should have insisted she lie low until the civil war is over. She stumbles and hauls herself up again. He catches his breath at the flicker of pain crossing her face. Joaquim dashes towards her, r VV&W&r2v&Ɨ7FW&VBfVWBFRp&6Fg&6RFR67FBfV"6Fvr( 2b&Vr6GW&VBF'GW&V@"6B27G&FRVwFV2आ^( 27BFW&RvVFR6F( 2Bw&226VFW"GvwV&G0w&"Bf&6R( 2w&vvƖrB6WFr( 2FFRG'V6VFrf"FP7FFvW&RFRvBG&FG&7vG2FR&V"F"26VB6WBআ2f6R( N( 2FW'&&R֗7FR( R&WVG2FW6BFW2F26VFVBvV'62( V26FR( BWr( FV'27G&VFv06VV2आ2fVr76VvW'26'VrBGW&vआR&w22f7G2FRF"&GFƖrFR622FV"v7BFPWF&B6VW2g&2fvW'F2R6V2FFRf"2R7@vVƖ6f&WfW#'VrFV"vFFR7FFR66W22WW2R66VFRfVFW 6g&W6W"6gFW"W"&FfVVFR6gBFvb"W"&2FPWW&6RbW""26&VbFW7"G&w2ǒ7F&W2WW2f6BBFR7FFFW&RG&6fW'&VB( 2VFW"VgwV&B( 2FvFvW70g&VvBvv7V6VBFvWFW"ƖRGW&WVBf"6&7F2FRF"0f&6VB6WBB&FVBV6W2266RFFR6FR276&RVFP66VRFR6F&Vv7&6R6V&6W2vFǒf"6RFFf&6RB06WG2&RVG2FRG&'V&W2fbv6VBW66W22F&B6V6G2FW ( 2vFB( 2FRG&7F2BFRF"6ƖFW2Vv6VRV6R0F'W7BFFRfW&7&vFVBvvV6fW2&BF6rFW&R2&'WBFRWr'&fW6W2v7BvFWBw7W'6rR0FvBvƖ6W26"bvfVBG2FV6r2VRF22BF&RRSF22vVƖ6G&W76VB2RFRF"&26WBvFR&BG&v7&72G26rVЦƖgG2&6FRBbFRWr'&f( 26B2WW267W7F֖rFV6VfW2FFRF&vVƖ67F&W2&6BWW2&VBvFfV"fvW"&W76VBFW"Ɨ2##p