Writers Abroad Magazine 6 May 2017 - Page 16

WRITERS ABROAD MAGAZINE: THE THIRD SPACE JUDE’S OBSCURE DIARY BY SUE BORGERSEN Jude never kept a diary. Well, at least, not one of those in red leatherette with a locking clasp. Where you hung the minuscule gold-tone key on a chain around your neck. To lock your innermost thoughts and dark secrets. Her mother gave her a pink one for her eleventh birthday. Not wanting to appear ungrateful she gave one of her brief beams, fingered the cover and the little clasp, and said, ‘Thank you.’ Jude wrote poems in it once in a while, always inspired or triggered by the day or month. Like poems beginning: March tenth for those who care/enough to quench the flow/or take out the garbage not leave it on the bench/again. When she found the diary in the bottom of a box years later, she thought her abundant writings weren’t bad for an eleven to sixteen year old. In fact, quite OK considering she didn’t want the diary in the first place. Over time she revisited this book of her past. Reading through aging adult eyes she learned more about her young innermost thoughts than she would if she’d made daily entries: whining about her mother, worrying about her weight, complaining about siblings, bitching about school friends. Declaring her undying love for Gary. The diary sits in the county museum now, alongside the first editions of her best selling published works. The diary’s little gold-toned clasp is well and truly locked however. No-one has ever asked for the key. 15 | MAY 2017