WristWatch Magazine - Page 97

Close-up of the UTC dial Just a single millimeter wider than the time/date Geophysic at 40.6, Jaeger’s True Second UTC comfortably puts the world on your wrist in a dial display cast in a gradient lacquered dial surrounded by two inner chapters that indicate the time around the globe. A North Pole view looks down on the hand-applied continents from above. The UTC retails for $15,000 in steel or $25,000 in 18-karat pink gold, and all versions are available now. work k over ffrom it its predecessor predecessor. d It’ It’s a bit bi biger, biger att 39 39.6mm, 66mm with ith small changes to the hands, markers and case profile that only hint at the development within. Of course the world time Geophysic UTC is a completely new and an extremely handsome addition to the series. To be sure, the real eminence with both of these new watches is the movement. Calibre 770 (772 for the UTC marks a seminal moment on Jaeger’s timeline and is likely to have a long-term ripple effect throughout the brand as this new platform incorporates two engineered elements that can become staples within Jaeger’s future watches. The first of these two new mechanisms is the “Gyrolab” balance. Initially vetted in the Jaeger “Master Compressor Extreme Lab One” from 2007, this “bar” type balance is now making its d b t iin a co debut commercially available series. The Gyrolab Balance has been exposed to extreme temperatures, impacts, and timing tests that have proven the design ready for prime time. Mimicking the shape of the JLC logo, this balance brings advantages in potential accuracy and as a side effect will also make it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to duplicate – at least for a while. The second, more obvious addition to the new movement is the jumping or dead-beat central seconds hand. Called the “True Second” by Jaeger, this stop-and-go second hand does not actually add any additional information, so I’m loathe to call it a “complication,” yet it adds a rhythm that has ridden the horological roller coaster of approbation (accurate pendulum clocks) to denigration (quartz analog) back to a recent ascendancy within a few boutique brands 2016 | WRISTWATCH 95