WristWatch Magazine - Page 96

EVOLUTION BY GARY GIRDVAINIS Finesse and the steady hand of the watchmaker are needed to install a UTC dial. A BEAT OF ITS OWN Jaeger-LeCoultre marches to its own true beat T here’s no question that Jaeger-LeCoultre has truly mastered the various métiers of function and form, and few brands can compare to the astonishing stable of movements and complications—or the amazing jewelry and horological art watches crafted by the historic house. One side effect of having such a rich CV is always the same—what’s next? Keeping momentum within existing models is as important as merging new releases into the collection, and the recent trend among 94 WRISTWATCH | 2016 almost all brands to search archives and recycle a particular type for another stint on the main stage can only go so far. This year Jaeger-LeCoultre decided to tip their hand early as to what’s new. Perhaps as a teaser/tactic to have the spotlight to themselves prior to the big fairs, Jaeger’s North American President Philippe Bonay called in the editorial troops for a review of something just a bit different. The simpler of the two new Geophysics benefits from a mild