WristWatch Magazine - Page 91

Tudor and Ducati have enjoyed a strong and successful partnership since 2011, when the watchmaker released the Fastrider Chronograph to celebrate both youth-oriented, sporty, highperformance brands. In 2014, Tudor was the official partner of the Diavel Drag Race at World Ducati Week, a major biannual Ducati event that attracts Ducati fans by the tens of thousands from all over the world. The Drag Race, a two-day challenge, drew Ducati riders and famous names in the brand’s history to compete in a drag race on-board the Ducati Diavel Carbon. After warm up and qualification, each racer competed alone for a best time, followed by the actual race in which two drivers went head-to-head over a 400 meter course that follows a straight line from a standing start. The winner of the final round received a Tudor Fastrider Black Sheild chronograph in matte black ceramic. 2016 | WRISTWATCH 89