WristWatch Magazine - Page 86

MOTO-GALLERY STEFAN JOHANSSON Stefan Johansson’s has run the gamut from piloting the open-wheel series of Formula 1 and Indy Car, to the endurance races of Sebring and LeMans. During his career he’s stood on podiums and diced with some of the best drivers in the world. He also happens to be a huge fan of wristwatches and rather than simply sign on with an existing brand he has developed one of his own: Vaxjo. Named for the city in Sweden and designed by Stefan Johansson, all Vaxjo Mark IX and Mark X timepieces share a number of distinguishing characteristics of form and function. A 60-minute chronograph register is uniquely set at the center of each dial; the E and G models feature a telemeter register, which measures the speed of sound, keeping focus on the fact that a fraction of a second makes all the difference in the world of racing; the 3D three-piece hour and minute hands, unique numerals, integrated crown protector and pusher mechan isms represent four of eight unique design features that have patents pending; the glass back is engraved with the piece’s individual ‘chassis’ number and if desired, the owner’s name. Inside each of these beats a Dubois-Depraz engine that is kept running (when not on your wrist) by the customized winding box supplied with each watch.. 84 WRISTWAT WRISTWATCH TCH | 2016