WristWatch Magazine - Page 82

MOTO-GALLERY BREITLING & BENTLEY This ea earth-bound th bo nd association beg begun n in 2002 and p proved o ed that the high-flying Breitling brand was willing to look beyond the pilot type to expand their base. Quickly becoming an archetype within the brand, the Breitling for Bentley partnership has come to fruition in a variety of materials, movements, and functions integrated into the series. Regardless of the engine within or the materials without, each Bretling 80 WRISTWATCH STWAT TCH | 2016 for Bentley has integrated the calling-card “clous de Paris” or hobnail pattern (usually on the bezel, occasionally on the dial) that recalls the mesh pattern of a vintage automobile radiator grill. Two recent additions to the collection include the double-fast 30 second chronograph B06, and the black titanium GT3 with Breitling’s unusual twin chronograph display.