WristWatch Magazine - Page 80

MOTO-GALLERY BRM & CORVETTE RACING Be na d Richard’s Bernard Richa d’s watches atches have ha e steadfastly steadfastl fixated fi ated on motorsports moto spo ts as an ongoing source of inspiration for his brand. Rarely straying from this niche, BRM has developed a style that is instantly recognizable with porthole vented leather straps and contrast stitching holding in place a machined case suggestive of an engine’s piston. BRM’s latest partnership brings together another instantly recognizable profile of the Real McCoy, the Chevrolet Corvette Racing Marque. 78 WRISTWATCH | 2016 Comprising only 100 nu mbered timepieces each, the first four series of watches are based on BRM’s V12 chronograph and the V6 automatic. Both are available in a combination of yellow/black or black/grey. BRM is also offering two special editions of the V12 in recognition of the collection’s debut at the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans. Only 24 examples of each will be available in this numbered series. Prices range from $4,370-$10,750 depending on the series.