WristWatch Magazine - Page 8

EDIT NOTE DRIVE ON In terms of consumer goods with natural affinities, the watch and the sports car appear to be without peers. While arguably invented for the military trench, for the airplane cockpit or for the wrist of noble ladies—depending on the competing narrative you choose to believe—it is in the driver’s seat that the wristwatch found it’s most natural home. In this issue, we examine many of the more prominent motorsports collaborations in the world of fine watchmaking, from Rolex’s weeklong celebration of classic automobiles on California’s Monterey Peninsula to a lesser-known marque of watches produced by the former Formula 1 star Stephen Johansson. We present ample proof that the watch-car synergy is still alive and well, a driving force, if you will, within the marketing departments of both industries. On our cover and in our cover story, we introduce you to the latest in TAG Heuer’s long and estimabl RƖ