WristWatch Magazine - Page 76

MOTO-GALLERY GEARS GREASE AND OIL T raditional diti l comparisons i off our ffavorite it micro and macro machines are most often tied together by the obvious correlations; dial to dashboard, movement to engine, and coachworks to watch case. But whether the torque outputs are measured in Newton Centimeters or Foot Pounds there is no doubt that both watches and cars carry an appeal beyond conflated construction elements. They both play on a man’s visceral motivations with both the raucous roar of an un-muffled engine and the discreet ticking of a mechanical watch movement as the musical score that spurs the innate desire for big boy toys. Understanding their audience, watchmakers have tapped into this natural connection with logos emblazoned on both the racing machines and their pilots alike. Living on the edge of traction, the combination of man and machine at the razor’s edge of traction and control embody danger and create an adrenalin rush even an observer can appreciate. That’s not to say that all of these co-branded partnerships are as bold and brash as an F1 pilot. The car/watch relationship can also be expressed in more refined and gentlemanly incarnation as is shown by the partnership with various Concourse d’Elegance, rallies and club events that bring modern, vintage, and historic examples of both machines together each year. Sponsorships grow and evolve; some are formal, some associative. Rolex’s visual domination of Formula 1 and TAG Heuer’s Indy 500 partnership make millions of messaging impressions among the general public. These same brands have also earned accolades in watch collector’s minds by simple association. What collector is not aware of the added value of the “Paul Newman” edition of the Rolex Daytona, or the TAG Heuer “Steve McQueen” Monaco? Regardless of the genesis, the fact is that cars (both street and race) marry perfectly to watches. Not to seem too chauvinistic—but maybe it’s a guy thing. Guys love cars, and guys love watches. It’s all too natural for them to form a testosterone-laced bond with both. Moto rsports watches come to life in an amazing array of styles and types. Aggressive racing stripes and dashboard-inspired dials are held in-place with perforated leather and rubber straps that leave little doubt as to the association. Others attach or imply the feel of the “gentleman” driver into more subtle incarnations of the automobile/watch connection. Following are some of our favorite motorsport choices. 74 WRISTWATCH | 2016 Last year Bulgari marked Maserati’s 100th anniversary with a custom chronograph to celebrate the occasion. Inside beats a superbly finished Swiss-Made automatic chronograph with column wheel controls. Outside automotive indicators include engraved tachymetric bezel and a Maserati logo enhanced counter-weight on the central (chronograph) seconds hand. A translucent blue sapphire crystal on the back commemorates the limited edition of 1914 pieces of the series. The exquisite simplicity of the visage counterpoints the complex personality within Laurent Ferrier’s own homage to motorsport. Only 5 examples of this watch will be offered with a dash of red on the dial and strap inspired by the rarified and refined atmosphere of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Within the shaped case beats a rare motor with a double direct impulse “Natural” escapement developed and built by Laurent Ferrier himself.