WristWatch Magazine - Page 62

VANGUARD The Vanguard Series evolves the classic Cintrée Curvex case which emphasizes bold lines and presents the dial in a three dimensional perspective while remaining sporty and fresh. The dial is the main source of derivation for the Vanguard series. The dial sports hand-polished appliqué relief numbers. These bold and loud numbers along the dial parallel the equally ambitious winding crown sporting the FM logo and complement the bold, yet refined case. The hands ticking over the numbers evoke a similar presence due to their size and stroke. Each dial displays a date complication while two options exist for either the classic or chronograph variant. The classic variant displays compass bearings around the bezel while the chronograph features a Tachymeter. The Vanguard Series also takes the strap into high consideration to make the entire piece uniform. Instead of the regular springbar technique, the strap is artistically integrated into the case with the help of two unseen screws. The continuity among this line, from the crown, to the case, to the accents within the dial, make for timepieces that truly encompass what is implied by the term “modern.” The Vanguard line is available in classic and chronograph variations with the available color schemes of titanium, rose gold and red Ergal aluminum alloy. 60 WRISTWATCH | 2016