WristWatch Magazine - Page 61

TONNEAU TRANSITION F ranck Muller focuses on exemplifying the Avant grade of luxury watches through deliberately unique design. The new Vanguard Series extends this mindset by taking the brand’s style and design in a new and futuristic direction. By using classic Fr anck Muller techniques within the strong emphasis of its modern shaped case; the Series owns up to its namesake while still taking the bold brand in an unseen direction. Due to the lone and independent nature of the Franck Muller made possible by industrial verticalisation, the brand can experiment with new styles of watchmaking with an innovative spirit whilst fully respecting the Swiss watchmaking tradition. No component of the timepiece, from the case to the movement, is dependent upon the construction of an outside company or distributor. This inherent functionality that is rewarded by in-house production has lead to the ability to start new fashions, as opposed to defaulting to the norm. While many other watches within the Franck Muller line are built with numerous complications, making for ultra-complex and technical timepieces, the Vanguard series diverges from this trend by focusing on more subtle and refined accent points within the construction of the case and final touches among the dial. The Vanguard sails in a new direction with its riveting shape and clean, futuristic aesthetics. It breathes individuality with its harmonious contours, flawless finesse and impeccably balanced proportions. Lines and curves have been worked to brew elegance along with its sporty characteristics. The case is a typical defining feature among Franck Muller timepieces. While most other manufacturers turn right to the safety of the watch in the round, FM has made a name for itself by turning left and creating shaped cases that call for highly specialized machining and movement design techniques. 2016 | WRISTWATCH 59