WristWatch Magazine - Page 57

the automatic mechanism lurking beneath the plate on the back of the movement. This intentional elevation of the chronograph over the traditional movement compels the company to call Memoris the first true “chronograph watch” because it serves as the primary function—not merely a sporty sidekick complication. This may be ambitious reverse marketing but the watch is unmistakably “true” to the brands origins—as Louis Moinet would desire. Memoris is a 46mm timepiece limited to 60 watches, boasting an open-worked design, pink-gold or white-gold case, lacquered dial at 6 o’clock (indicating hours and minutes), and gorgeous bluesteeled hands. The “heart and soul” of the Memoris watch is its unique column wheel—which boasts a six-column top indexed to a cog-based bottom section which controls rotation and int eraction with the control hook spring and jumper. Jointly, they drive the chronograph functions—working together with the minutes hammer, blocking lever and clutch. Since it can be wound in both directions, the Memoris’ “Energy Plus” winding system optimizes the rotor’s oscillating and recovery 2016 | WRISTWATCH 55