WristWatch Magazine - Page 46

COVER STORY TAG GETS TECHNOLOGICAL The Connected Watch combines TAG Heuer’s expertise within the fields of horology and luxury design with a microprocessor courtesy of Intel and a Google Android Wear operating system. As the first timepiece from a Swiss brand to adopt this platform, the aptly named Connected Watch comes within the sporty confines of a 45 mm round Carrera case, TAG Heuer’s most popular and identifiable range. And though the watch does indeed connect to your smart phone—be it of the Apple or Android variety—it is not a slave to the device in your pocket. Wearers can enjoy a full range of functions on the Connected Watch with or without their mobile phone. At this writing, owning a Connected Watch may be easier said than done, however. In its first week of sales TAG Heuer reportedly sold over 100,000 units, a record for a single SKU at TAG Heuer and possibly for any Swiss watch brand. eBay searches for the Connected Watch demonstrate the sought-after model selling for well over MSRP while customers seeking an in-store purchase are adding their names to the wait list, the ultimate “good problem to have.” But for Biver, a man whose entire career has played out in the high-end mechanical watch industry, all of the cutting-edge technology and software in this new timepiece still left something missing: eternity. He sought to incorporate the multiyear value proposition conferred by a fine Swiss timepiece, a concept totally foreign to the tech companies of California. True, a smart watch boasts a range of useful functions that no mechanical or conventional quartz model ever could. But a fine Swiss timepiece can be serviced and maintained over the course of a lifetime, becoming a prized heirloom for the next generation. 44 WRISTWATCH | 2016 TAG HEUER AND RED BULL F1 As one of the youngest and most dynamic teams in Formula 1, Redbull’s recently announced partnership with TAG Heuer would appear to be a perfect marriage. TAG Heuer has reinvigorated its brand through a reimagined Carrera case, a new mechanical chronograph and the headline-grabbing Connected Watch. Partnering with a youthoriented racing brand that has been a dominant figure in Formula 1 over the last 7 years could prove a key aspect of promoting these achievements.