WristWatch Magazine - Page 128

WINDING UP TIME CAPSULE BY GARY GIRDVAINIS Swipe the secret spot and watch the compact cell protecting (and powering) up to five treasured timepieces opens up before your eyes. According to Buben & Zorweg the Argatos winder called for a team of specialists with expertise in such diversified metiers as woodworking, aluminium, composite materials, glass, and leather, as well as experts in mechanical engineering and electronics. Seems a grand bunch to be brought together to wind a watch but when you’re competing for an ultra affluent buyer’s attention to invest $39,000 or more for a watch winder – why hold back? One look at the amazing result makes the 4,000 plus man-hours seem to be well worth it. In the closed position the Argatos high- 126 WRISTWATCH | 2016 lights its own tourbillion clock and one selected timepiece within the flowing lines of the ultra-modern case. Then with the simple swipe of the secret sensor, the arms open to reveal four more hidden winders. Argatos can also be placed in a lock-down mode that disarms the sensor to keep stray hands off your watches. This first edition in black lacquer will be limited to 25 pieces, but if you’ve simply got to have one made just for you, Buben & Zorweg recently crafted an Argatos with Comic hero Iron Man livery as a one-of-a-kind. Your imagination and check book balance are your only limitations at B&Z. Pricing for the “standard” Argatos ranges from $39,000 to $53,000 depending on materials, customization and whether or not you choose to include the tourbillion escapement clock in the unit. Contact www.westimewatches.com