WristWatch Magazine - Page 110

AUDEMARS PIGUET CALIBRE 2120/2800 THE COMPLETE LIST OF MODELS FROM 1978 TO 1993 This list is the result of the manual and thorough analysis of the production registers. It brings together all the watches fitted with the calibre 2120/2800 movement manufactured for 15 years beginning with the launch of reference 5548 in 1978. In addition, 108 documentary pictures from the Audemars Piguet archives illustrate the most significant versions of each model. The list goes as far as 1993, for that year marked the dawn of a new era. The quartz crisis had come to an end by then, and with it the pioneering role of the calibre 2120/2800 movement. The company thus reintroduced the indication of the leap year cycle with the calibre 2120/2802, the manufacture of which started in 1993 to gradually replace the calibre 2120/2800. Perpetual calendar underdial plates were also created for other basic movements, including the calibre 2003/2805, sold from 1993, and the calibre 2132/2805. Furthermore 108 WRISTWATCH | 2016 the calendar was combined with other complications: with chronograph (calibre 2126/1839), with minuterepeater (calibre 2867/2807), and with new functions including the annual calendar (calibre 2224/2814) and the day-date (notably the calibre 2127/2827). In short, there’s enough material here to fill another book devoted to all that has occurred and has continued to be developed and introduced since 1993. NOTES s D