WristWatch Magazine - Page 108

AUDEMARS PIGUET CALIBRE 2120/2800 SOME WATCHES FROM THE AUDEMARS PIGUET HERITAGE COLLECTION The round perpetual calendar watches preserved by the Audemars Piguet Heritage department are but a small fraction of the versions created by the company. We have selected a few important examples to highlight the work of the craftsmen and women — watchmakers, engravers and specialists in gem setting and openwork. 12-sided openworked perpetual calendar, model 5564PT (16 examples, of which 14 in platinum), movement N° 227069, case N° C12134, made in 1983, sold in 1985. Inv. 1130. Perpetual calendar, set with baguette diamonds, model 25579BC (19 examples, of which 8 in white gold), movement N° 273819, case N° C4610, made in 1984, sold in 1985. Inv. 1579 106 WRISTWATCH | 2016 Perpetual calendar with an engine-turned dial, model 25657PT (1,824 examples of which 128 in platinum), movement N° 373953, case N° C97806, made in 1992, sold in 1993. Inv. 755.