WristWatch Magazine - Page 100

H E R I TA G E QUALITY TRUMPS QUANTITY H aving recently handed over the reins to his only son, Waldan Watch’s Watch s founder Oscar has brou ught the past brought and future together. For his own part, Oscar O Waldan is as old school as they come. Preaching about the finite qualities that mattered in the business of watches as well as the timepieces themselves, he would tear apart almost any other brand’s product as easily as he tore into his tuna sandwich during one of our casual lunch meetings. During his prime he had influence on historic brands including Tiffany & Co, Universal Genève, Ebel, 98 WRISTWATCH | 2016 aand ev even Rolex among others. On the other hand his son Andrew iss dec decidedly new school. Currently in his mid 20’s he has melded th he ex the experiences of working under and with his father, while applyin ng hi ing his own marketing and management style to the Waldan brand. A As a child of Oscar, Andrew knows only too well the inhheren herent qualities his father demanded. Often inflexible, Oscar aalway always thought he did it better than the “big” guys. Andrew Walda Waldan now benefits from the dual parentage of an occasionally ir irascible perfectionist father and the digital era. Andrew has embraced the social and digital outreach he perfected while working in his prior career as a DJ to now promote the qualities and extend the reach of the Waldan Watch brand. One look at the new web-site tells you there is something new in the messaging and a clearly modern energy powering the brand. Adding to the digital reach, Andrew is also opening a New York show-room to personally welcome potential clie