Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 9

This boy knocked Worldkustom. Thirteen years ago he carried in and asked a few body parts on its edge against the garage wall. A firewall, somebodys door and a shortened EPA tractor frameSince 2002, sheet metal masterpiece Henrik Larsson from Nykoping pecked on the

body. He was finished on the cutting Thursday evening at ten twenty. The skill has increased over the years and when it was time for furnishing, he decided to make the most vulnerable. He would run naked. Painted metal. And all the crazy accurate adjustments he had to put in the eye of every one. This quiet plate Phantom takes me on a tour of an invisible seam-pet-phase stretch-shrink bending direction study that gives me fever in the leather jacket. Henrik want’s to talk about the painter. -Rickard Klarby is godd, he says.