Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 6

It was packed. It was neat. It was a party. It felt amazing. What felt? Shouldn’t a journalist be objective? I do not want to today. Not when the most amazing cars and enthusiasts gather under one (actually five) ceilings and offers the best there is in the hobby?

The Turtle Wax booth was a crossing point for Turtles ha ha. Johan Erikssonfrom Mora showed off his very latest Charger on the

stand. The last building received an award at the SEMA show in the United States. This, Version II, also will test its luck west.

Albinsson&Sjöberg förlag, ( = Bilsport, Nostalgia, Bilsport Classic m.fl tidningar)

makes this good. A starting point that is heard all over Scandinavia and through this feature in Worldkustom it’s heard world wide.

The Magazine Worldkustom as the name suggests a Kustom hugger and hotrod hugger with a penchant for American cars of yester year. The reports will be in that moode. We give you two of the five halls. The exhibition is much, much more than this. Here is everything in the car business. Take the opportunity in 2016!

A-Bombers from Uddevalla used with brick and wood in the booth together with oldie-golfde-Fords glossy as well as satin.

High Coast Lowlife had drove down from Örnsköldsvik vicinity. Note how the future lowrider Kings are schooled.