Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 57

Charlie pulls up carrying a chromed 357 Magnum. When that gun went off it shook the entire farm. It slams something terrible about his ammunition.

“Do You have it always with you?”, I ask

-Of Course, he says, smiling softly again and plus it makes me at ease knowing a have this bad boy handy just in case shit hits the fan.

-More Coffee, says Dough. But with my ears still ringing and a couple skid marks in the wrong locations I decline.

-We gotta head back to reality!” I say to Dough as I think to myself “ It’s been fun but this 78 year old is living everyday life like every old person should.”

Guns, Horsepower, and the good old Florida Sun. Gottfrid puts the car in drive and we leave alive, with a new friend, crazy story, and two pairs of underwear covered in skidmarks.

17 minutes generous interview with Mr Oefinger. Pour up some coffee and enjoy the american back bone.