Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 54

from me.

Out comes an earthshaking, Hemi powdered, Blown 32 Ford. Gottfrid jumping in with a uncontrolable smile bursting across his face. Dough rolls by me and screams “1,300 HORSEPOWER!”. I walk up to the same narrow paved road we drove in on. Down the long road I see the 32. As I reach for my camera I look back, the 32 shoots pass me at a 130mph. Instantly thinking about my wife’s reaction if she were here. “70 year old redneck+83 year old piece of metal+1,300 hp+my son=…..I’m about to be in trouble”. I spot the car again

and thank God.

With no signs of shit in Gottfrid’s pants….so he say’s. Dough turns the beast off and Gottfrid jumps up like a kid and the candy store.

“Can we get a burnout?!”, Asks Gottfrid

Without saying a word Dough jumps in his other Hemi power monster. Rolling into position he lights up the Florida sky, covering everything in smoke he disappears.

Thinking the fun for the day was finally over.