Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 53

“Yeah well everyone wants too” Say Dough, giving Gottfrid a stern Muscle car guy stare down. If you’re old like me you’re going to have to think back to the old wrenching days, when asking a more experienced car guy anything always starts off “With the look”.

After passing the test Gottfrid and I talked to Dough and Charlie for a while until Dough got a phone call.

Dough comes back shortly, “Hey you and your dad try and keep up. You´re invited to my farm and I’ll take you for a ride in something that’ll make you shit yourself”

“This will be interesting”, I say looking over at Gottfrid as we jump in our car a couple of days later.

The road narrows down as my son navigates west on a desolated plain.

He takes a right at a cross road. A fence pops up to the right of us and we slow down with the sun now low in the sky.

We follow a long paved road till we find ourselves on a huge newly brick driveway surrounded by buildings.

There were a couple of guys looking our way till we recognized a familiar face.

“Welcome”, says Dough. Not listening to a word he’s saying as I go into autopilot looking Three 62 Vettes, Hemi car after Hemi car, Customs, hotrods, and a couple 50’s.

“Hey what’s up?” Looking at me like I’m a headcase. “Come here boy, now lets see if you shit your pants”, says Dough to my Gottfrid.

Still in “Lala land”. I nearly shit my own pants as I snap back to reality thinking a B-52 bomber just took off 50 feet away