Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 43

the hood when driving. I´m giving you the best possible result under this circumstances. That’s why I came in the first place.

-I’ll tell Sam when its done, he says and throws the mask on.

PIZZA ADVILO. Pizza time in the garage. Anders Viklund is always eating American food but he’s on vacation now, have followed the drama and buys the group some good old fashion Swedish pizza. For you American readers who didn’t know, Sweden has some of the BEST if not the BEST pizza in the world. On the web some 9.000 has followed us through the cam in the ceiling. The gang comes in to the pizza pit stop. All except Sam. He’s finally got the hood and is in the booth.

Sunday 12:00. Four hours left. Clock’s ticking. Out in the shop Sam comes with a new lottery! He’s been pin striping different gifts back home that now are handed out.

Rabbe comes with a packing. He brought new chrome from his own restoration of a 50 Buick.

Now he’s changing it for our old. Lotterys, crome rain. No words. Big guys choke up. Memorys for ever.

-“I’m done”, says Samuel after painting the last of the car. He knocks out in the impala

“Inn” as he calls it quits. Total sleep apnia.

Exactly here Dennis gears up.”Get me the interior” he screams. While the others take

another coffee break Dennis muscles the interior in place. Coffee, he shouts and gets it plus screws, moldings, glas and polish. The tallest guy in the most narrow place refuses to come out until it’s all done.