Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 40

Mission 47

del 1

Part 5

By Lars-Åke Krantz

Does a tune up have to take three years of your life, ruin relationships and finish off with a paint job for 4000$? These questions led to Mission 47. The mission was to fix rust, lower the suspension and also to paint it fresh, all in 47 hours. No professionals got to participate and the cost was not to exceed 1200$.


Friday night. The car striped, interior out, suspension down and rust repair taking place.

Saturday afternoon. Here the planning goes south. The hood will not be able to be painted along with the rest of the car. Samuel is grounding. Mabye, mabye they manage to spray the top coat on Sunday and put it on wet before 4 p.m.

Saturday night and 15 hours left. Starting this restoration on a Friday night at 5 p.m. it is now already Sunday and the clocks running out. It’s already past midnight.

The car hasn’t even been grounded yet as we watch the clock haunt over our need impossible deadline. “two hours paint….etc” The five has been sleeping totally four hours. Dennis face says it all.

Rabbe mixes the paint and Sam starts to spray. The the guns starts to fail but he’s so exhausted he doesn’t notice . .

No pros are allowed but the guy they borrowed

the shop from Leffe Eriksson, has popped in. At the same time the tires are just pressed of the rims. After sanding by hand they wait for paint.

Saturday night. Leffe is off, free loose and happy and where could you find a better place to party than in your own spray booth with a 50’s Buick. (Car painters are some cool dudes). He stops on a dime with his plastic glas in his hand.

-Stop, the gun doesn’t sound right, se says.

He walks into the booth in jeans and leather jacket, turns some knobs and puts two perfect sweeps over the roof with steady hand.

-Now, he says. Now it’s doing the job.

Samuel takes over and paints the car. The dead tired warrior that never have experiensed a