Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 35

“We’ll take it”, said Krantz!

I took them to the “Tiki Hut”. On this early day in particular they had a booming sound system ready for later on and all the lights were ready for a crowd. Amazing jog of The Tiki Hut and the

band Rockers who came with their gear.

Meanwhile, Peter has gone to his friends Anna and Robert Wells. Peter talks about the possible imminent gig recruiting their help.

-It Sounds like fun, says the world-touring super pianist and so will the improbable phone call to Krantz.

Robert wants to hang on. Is it cool?

Bengan Nilsson, who runs Nostagiimporten live in Cape Coral in winters and is the spider in the web among the Swedes. Krantz calling him to spread the word. The Tiki Hut’s phones light up, Hotel

Robert Wells andGottfrid Krantz

rooms fully booked, Tables filled and people from all sides of Florida pack their bags and flock to the show.

When the clock hits 6 the Tiki Bar’s packed. Expectations high in a room electrified with excitement. I spot a former retired Sony scout front row glued to the empty stage. Everyone

looking for Peter and Robert. The clock now hits 7 and Peter and Chris take on the audience. Rocking the walls off the Tiki Bar

they leave me and my band “Krantz and Krantz” one hell of an act to follow. We played for an hour and at 9 the audience is standing waiting for the famed pianist Robert to take the stage.