Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 34

Jezewski, Wells, Krantz and Swedish Rock in the USA

The phone rang in Florida. It was Christer Bergman, Peter Jezewskis guitarist. -And yes, Robert Wells wondered if he also got to be in the band?

This is the story of a behavior that does not exist. Which can not be bought. You can’t book tickets for. A unplanned, impossible gig. Nevertheless…

Peter Jezewski needs no introduction for us who grew up with rock and roll and DooWop but Worldkustom has tens of thousands young readers and nearly ten thousand American readers who most likely have no clue who I’m talking about. Peter has one of Sweden’s best 50’s and 60’s Rock N Roll voices. His voice pure, intonated and tidy live as on records. After being the Star in “The Boppers” he went on a solo career and is now playing to sold out concert halls throughout the spring and autumn in its nostalgic Be-Bop-A-luba show with his twelve man band .

Peter swung into Worldkustoms Florida headquarters. With him came his guitarist Christer Bergman. After jamming poolside Peter and Chris wanted to play live.

Krantz & Krantz has played in the US before. When Peter and Chris asked me where to play live around Cape Coral I took them to the best Music scene around town.They came without their gear but Peter always comes prepared with his voice.

-Yeah, But we have booked bands already, except in the morning but the place will be dead at that time.