Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 32


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SWEDEN. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE. Welcome to the third month of WORLDKUSTOM MUSIC CHALLENGE. (We skipped February due to much work) Join the competition that looks for new voices, new musicians and new bands. Vote on your favorite!

With a life centered around music the editor of Worldkustom would like to shed some light on new bands. Create channels for all the ones rehearsing in garages and cellars and haven’t reached a great audience yet. In Worldkuston Music Challenge we will monthly present new bands. Two of them will proceed and compete for a spot in the finale that will take place on the new car show that is in the making in one of Sweden’s most densely populated area.

The finale is Saturday the 8th of August during

ALL AMERICAN DAY. A completely new car show presented by:, and

Music Challenge