Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 28

Thinking the place was already packed I spot a caravan of 20 cars pull up. This being the third year of the late summer coffee and cars meet I myself am even surprised at how big the it’s gotten

– How far away is the parking lot really, he says as he sits in front of the gas station.

Visitors sets record this evening. Multiple bonfires burn, fueling the life of the party.

Over 50 cars on a Thursday night at home in the garden…not bad for a “small” get together.

Ingemar Åsenlund awarded the trophy for the event by Kenth Andersson.

Coolest car, second-coolest car, and third coolest car get trophies but know one cares because everyone here’s a winner!

Bengan checking out Sillens past. An advanced garden art construstion that gets an article of it’s own!

Even with all the collector items, it’s the handmade ones and the stories that go with them that make them priceless.

Coffee is filled. Groups come and go at the tables.

Borje plus Edstrom setting impressions rolling in with his number 31 Cushion.