Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 25

Vehicles from the forgotten

Kent Åbergs takes us on a trip in Northen Sweden through the forgotten wilderness.


I remember this 66 stang. Back in the day my friend and gas station owner drove it year around. Rain, snow or shine he drove it daily till 1980 something went wrong. A green 73 Volvo 142 met this 66 Mustang along a sharp turn just two miles away from the gas station where both cars “bit the dust".


The Volvo went straight the the scrap yard and the 66 was scooped up for spare parts by a local. After being stripped of what was needed it’s been out in the fields rusting away ever since.

The old workshop

During the 50th century this was a thriving commercial taxi gas station and workshop. However during the 60s everything was abandon, the house, motorcycles , and the rest of this places thriving history remains scattered in rust piles.

During the 60’s it was common for small country towns like this to be abandon. Just like the old west this town became a ghost town and everyone up and left to go where the money was. Seeing the shop reminds me of its hayday, busy and always in movement. But that was then.

1961 The Simca Vedette

This old Simca rolled Ångermanland Sweden’s roads with a flat head V8 that I can still hear cruising through my memory. It sat for a while, then changed owners but still suffered the same fait.

The new owner ended up doing a motor swap to a Dogde 273 V8 but as you tell it never got finished. The motor and other parts were taken and here she lays. People came and went taking whatever parts looked interesting. It’s truly sad to see a classic like this ruined by time and mishandling. After all the 61 was one of France’s nicest cars ever built and you just never see cars like this around anymore. Nevertheless through the rusty wilderness I still see these cars in all their glory.

By: Kent Åberg