Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 23

Out on a farm close to Skövde this beautiful day we find the farmers new wheels. It's this Buick Electra 225 Custom Convertible 1967 made in 6941 ex. Last two year Sweden have got 10 new citizens whit the name Buick Electra conv.1967. Buick is a popular car in Sweden, in total we got 33 Buicks 1967 the last two years.

Lincoln offer the customers 3 different models series and one of them was the Premier Conv. Total produced was 2447. We found this car parked close to M strip club. Can't tell if the owner is a regular visitor there but there was a smell of old pub in the garage....

In a old shed in Lidköping the kids found a place to hang out and do some graffiti. After theme the older guys toke over and use it as workshop. Buick Electra 225 Custom Convertible 1968 made in 7976 ex. During the last years Sweden got 29 new 1968 Buicks. 5 of theme was convertibles.

In a old farm close to the big lake Vänern we found a really nice looking Pontiac Star Chief Custom Two-Door Hardtop Catalina 6P 1954. Fully loaded, a car a lot of Pontiac lovers would love to see in their own garage.

A lot of people ask me is Sweden got 4000 new cars older than 1980 were are all the cars? Here is the answer. In Varberg by the west coast of Sweden the guys clean the garage and to get more space they sold 3 new imported cars. El Camino 1970 with a 350 cu inc. One El Camino 1971 with a 454 cu inc. and a Cutlass Convertible 1972 with a 350 cu inc. Now it's just 3997 cars left to track.

Chevrolet Wagon 1962 So cool and so unusual with a 1962 Wagon. On the way to its new home in Sweden.

Chevrolet Wagon 1962. Så kul, så cool och ovanligt med 1962 årsmodell stationsvagn kul!! Påväg mot sitt nya hem i Sverige