Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 19

With two insurance policies to tackle, Ingemar was in for a bumpy road. He gets together pictures and picks out every damage detail and has to cross his figures that Lloyds and the shipping company’s insurance policy’s are understanding.

It took months. In the end, he got 4.000 to

repair the damage. Ignemar had Sundsvall Custom & Styling in Sundsvall Sweden handle the damage. With the admittedly talented Ulf Kusendahl behind the wrench and spray gun Ingemar and his 39 are now back on track to getting on the road.

The glass and ignition was left for Ignemar to tackle. With a new battery he turned the key to a hell spitting 454. A sound way too loud for this sleek classic. A set of cats and bigger mufflers, Ignemar finally had his dream car.

SFRO came and complained that the brake pedal was sitting on the wrong side of the steering column plus a few other points.

-Good Stuff said Åsenlund as he scribbled down the info to his growing to do list. SFRO complained about the poorly done wiring, incorrectly mounted brakes and a couple other small fixes.

When SFRO came back, they had forgotten to bring

along the papers “but it was not I,” said Ingemar, that had keept his notes from witch they checked off the car.

The August 8, 2014 the car finally got a registration inspection. It weighed 1700 kg and the bigblock motors 245 horses passed Swedish inspections with flying colors.

It took a year, summed up Ignemar as his eyes rolled off his car and back to me. He lowered his glasses and offered a ride.

I With the beast back in it’s cage Ingemar can finally rest knowing his Packards right where it belongs.