Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 18

Music to Ingemar’s ears!

Now knowing what he was up against Ingemar excitingly contacts Pontus Billström in Jacksonville Florida and gives him the go ahead to send someone out and run a proper Swedish inspection and get take some real life high megapixel pictures for him to see.

Followed up with a 100 quality pictures, Ingemar now had the Packard at he’s figure tips for inspection.

With a click of a bottom the car was his! Just like that the seller had his money sitting in his account and Billström had shipping back to Florida taken care of. The car then left the States and was imported to Holland by “roll-on roll-off” where the slick transporters avoided the 25 percent Swedish tax fee and got stuck paying a whopping 6 percent! And just like that the car was now making it’s way through Europe to Goteborg Sweden. att fota det som var viktigt.

It was now November and the cold, dark depressing Swedish winter was upon us. Ignemar excited with his new purchase pays the extra cash for home delivery. Awaiting the same car he saw in pictures he watched in horror as his Packard rolled off the transporter. Covered in dirt, dust, dents, broken windows, and a dead ignition, the Packard limped out of the transporter.

As Ignemar tells me of the horror he calmly shakes his head. “What kind of cork heads would leave the ignition on.” Resulting in a frozen battery, burnt fuel pump, and a couple other headaches Ignemar had no choice but to tackle one thing at a time.