Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 17

Ingemar saw the Packard equipped with a Chevrolet 454 V8 in March 2013 on a network advertisement. He quickly contacted the posting demanding pictures and a better description of the car and just as quickly he got a response back.

“I’m Moving to LA, I’ll get back to you later.”

A month later he tried again. Determined to buy the car all he wanted was some questions answered. Was that too much to ask for? This time the seller responded with the “My camera doesn’t work” story. A story that answers all the wrong questions and yet Ingemar still had the silver Packard on his mind.

Sitting in Ingemar Åsenlund sunroom talking cars, horsepower, and previous cruisings puts me back in my “happy place”. His sunroom sat

high over looking a beautiful Swedish landscape.

Ingemar Åsenlund thinking about the fable Packard contacts SFRO to verify what size the brakes the Packard needs to have since the engines been modified. He learns that a hotrod can have only 204 horsepower for every

thousand kilos on stock brakes. American’s of course get lucky with little to non regulations but for a Swede trying to bring a car over thats been modified they better do their homework!

'With a new understanding on import regulations he sends another email.

“Can you please do me a favor and measure the brake diameter?”

Ingemar, followed up with no response and the advertisement taken down was left hopeless.

A couple of months go by and Ingemar spots the packard on ebay. Never frustrated or angry he tries his luck again. He sends the same message he did in March over ebays secured email. Shortly after he receives message after message with detailed answers to his regular email. The American had obviously noted that it was the same Swedish guy asking.

The seller finally gives some details. He apparently bought the car and has only driven 1200 miles on a 454 crate engine. The motor was previously installed in another car that was short lived and only driven 2500 miles, TH700 backed the big block with a Ford 9” in the rear. On top of that, the front end came off a 60’s T-bird and had disc brakes all the way around.