Worldkustom 2015 May English - Page 12

Ellen Kay from Ellen Kay Band took Worldkustoms office to the monter. Very popular. Ellen translates for the webzine.

Jarmo to the left is the guy with some fantastic junk yard pics in Worldkustom. To the right his brother. The family also arranges music events. Next party is the 16th of March in Österbybruk, Sweden. Ellen Kay Band recently played there. Next on stage the 16th: Krantz&Krantz plus The Sunliners.

We conclude with a nostalgia injection of C hall.

Sune and Lillian Persson Grimstorp has several nostalgic cars in great condition. Ford Zepyren

1961 the seller had decided that it would not be sold to someone who just wanted to make money on it or miss handle it. Sune and Lillian introduced them selves and yhe hobby with pictures of cars, exhibitions, meetings, clothes and merch. They got the car even though there was a buyer who offered the double.

-Serious work from the Persson’s in Grimstorp.