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more connected, Lou says data is the next everything they are supposed to become. times, many ways,” he says, “If you love what frontier in the communications business. Lou sums up success as “do what I want.” you do, you never work a day in your life.” On a personal level, Lou Altman’s goal is He says success is doing what you want to impact people’s lives in a meaningful with whom you want where you want, way, whether one at a time, or en masse. when you want. He advices the younger He wants to inspire people and help them transform their lives through understand- generation to put down their phones and engage with people for real. ing who they are and what their purpose is. Over 80% of communication is non-ver- He is now in transition working to become bal thus the need to talk to people face a corporate trainer and professional public to face. He also tells the young to figure speaker to inspire others in their worlds. out what they are good at and find a way He wants people to commit to becoming Lou Altman is a committed family man. He is married to Amy Altman. He says he likes it that he and his wife support each other in their individual endeavors. Listening to him talk about his wife is quite to get paid to do it. ‘It has been said many obvious he is still madly in love with her as he was thirteen and a half years ago when they got married. 2 0 1 5 JA N UA RY | W O R L D C L A S S M AG A Z I N E S . C O M 6 1