#WORLDCLASS Lou Altman - Page 60

In his last corporate position, prior to being layed off, Lou was in the industry and how the client can position themselves to charged with evaluating how to delivery dozens of daily pieces benefit from the changes taking place. GlobaFone is a business of information to 600 phone representatives at four locations. partner in the truest sense. According to Lou, though on the The evaluation was based on the urgency, timeliness and impor- surface Globafone might seem like a company selling satellite tance of the information. In Lou’s mind this called for a 3-D matrix phones, but truly its primary business is selling time and resource and he create one that hung n his wall. This earned Lou some management. “Our goal is to understand our client so well that interesting looks; after all it made perfect sense to him and took we can have a meaningful discussion with them about topics a lot of explanation to others. It is easy to mis-understand Lou. that are relevant to them that solve their problems because we He was doing great as a business executive before he started his know what the problems are,” he asserts. own business. His father’s death and his divorce disoriented him Lou Altman says their clients want to know that Globafone has and stole his focus in the marketplace. He says he was lost as he taken care of their communication problems so that they can struggled through his divorce; the only thing that mattered to u