#WORLDCLASS Lou Altman - Page 58

Lou Altman describes himself as creative and energetic. He is the CEO of Globafone, a satellite communications service provider. Through his company Lou Altman has helped government agencies, corporations and the military to develop uninterrupted communications programs in remote environments across the globe. Whether he is at the gym, in the shower or at a convenience store, Lou Altman always has new ideas cooking. While not all of them are great ideas, his undeniable success is a testament to the fact that some of them are precious gems in his business pursuits. It is no wonder he has been described as a guy who has more ideas before noon than most people get in a year. What might surprise you is his background. Lou Altman has a background in psychology, sociology and marketing. His entrance into the financial industry in 1988 was somewhat unplanned. While he might not have known about the 1987 crash of Wall Street, his psychology background helped him see things a little different from others 5 8 W O R L D C L A S S M AG A Z I N E S . C O M | JA N UA RY 2 0 1 5